This topic gets brought up EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER.

I swear the shore traffic gets worse and worse every year so it is completely understandable that we have to COMPLAIN TO GET THROUGH IT.


I think I may have come up with a mini solution that could possibly at least help the situation.

What are your thoughts on cashless tolls?

Now yes, the EZPass has become all the rage through New Jersey but not nearly everyone has them.

Just think of the difference between the flow of traffic going through those old school tolls versus the more efficient EZPass Only option where you don't even have to slow down to pay!

Maybe....just maybe....if we made it mandatory for everyone to get an EZPass, those old school tolls will become useless and need to be demolished! It will open up the roadways and there will be no more 15 mph stops amid one of the busiest roads in the Garden State.

So, what do you think? Am I onto something here?

And on a more positive note: you only have a few weeks left of shore traffic and then it is LOCAL SUMMER BABY!

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