Ah, the Shore Mall.

Do you remember the good ole' days? The Shore Mall in all its glory was THE PLACE everybody went to get their shopping done on the mainland. The arcade and movie theater were just added bonuses to what used to known as the Harbor Square Mall (Shore Mall, to the locals).

With the majority of Shore Mall getting bulldozed during the early years of the 2010s, it's hard to believe that so much more existed where Boscov's and Spirit Halloween currently stand. Now, all that's left of the West Jersey Avenue side of the mall is a giant parking lot that's growing more and more weeds out of it with each passing day.

A Youtube video recently revealed itself to show what's actually left, if anything, from where the epic demolition took place back in 2013. As it turns out, there are, in fact, some ruins of the old Shore Mall that were left behind.

The video was shot by a man known as Ray Out There to the Youtube community. He actually got out there to take a look at what's still there and if he could find anything left of value at the old mall site.

Those who frequented the mall would absolutely recognize the tiles that are still visible. The video proves there is more to see where the mall once stood besides a desolate parking lot. Spoiler alert: the old parking lot lights are still standing there, too.

There are a few spots that look like they could've been occupied by fountains or various planters at the height of the mall's prime. People who remember the mall's layout in extraordinary detail might even be able to tell you what once stood there.

Watch the video for yourself and let all of your memories from the Shore Mall come flooding back. LOOK:

Source: Youtube

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