Thanks to a dog named, Buster Brown, the Knox County Humane Society inspired an amazing idea that helped to make shelter animals that much more comfortable.

You see, Buster is now the shelter's official mascot because he has been passed up for adoption several times. But, because he was already hanging around the shelter, he  had gotten rather comfortable around the shelter and was spotted posing on chairs all over the shelter.

Well then the thought of, "Maybe all the animals here should get their own recliners so they can relax just like Buster."

Once the hunt for used recliner chairs and other furniture started, the amount of donations were jaw dropping giving just about every animal a recliner of their very own to snuggle up in while waiting for their new best friend.

Check out Buster's amazing success in this adorable video posted by the Asbury Park Press.

So it got me thinking....why not try and start this trend in South Jersey?

Just think how many humans look forward to coming home and sit in their own comfy chair...I am sure our animals are very similar.

A popular, local shelter includes the Humane Society of Atlantic County but click here for the full list of nearby shelters!

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