There's a new poll out ranking every single state in the U.S. for their contributions to America. I know our home state takes a lot abuse but, you may be surprised just how well the Garden State did in this new poll.      

The criteria the folks at Thrillist used for ranking every state included food, drinks, productive famous people and unique physical beauty.

New Jersey did surprisingly well, coming at at #21. We do have our share of famous people who call the Garden State home including Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi and I'd put our beaches up against any state in the country.

The top state according to the poll was Michigan followed by  Maine, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Louisiana. Florida came in last ranking at #50, followed by Delaware, Ohio, Arizona and Utah.

Pennsylvania, home to the Super Bowl bound Philadelphia Eagles, also ranked highly on the list coming in at #12. Go Eagles!

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