We asked Lite Rock listeners to send us their most adorable pet pictures and we got so many submissions, I decided to make a photo gallery out of some of them.

But, there wasn't enough room for all the great photos we received, so I have expanded our photo gallery of listeners' adorable pet pics!

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If you would like to send me an adorable or funny pet pic, you can email it to me at eddie.davis@townsquaremedia.com

On to our gallery of adorable pet photos, like the one of the dog driving the car, the cat dressed like a pirate, the cat sleeping in the hamster's bed, the BIG dog interacting with the little dog, the computer cat and more.

We have added shots of dogs sleeping, dogs wearing glasses, dogs smiling for the camera and lying on top on the family cat.

Thanks to the listeners who submitted photos. We love your adorable pet pics!

Oh, by the way, I couldn't resist including a photo of my own dog, Sheba, caught mid-sneeze by the camera. You know, since this is my gallery.

Check out these absolutely adorable photos of dogs, cats, a goat and an iguana named Randall below.

Adorable Pet Photos from Listeners

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