People walking on the 47th Street beach in Avalon Thursday morning were surprised to see a sailboat run aground on the beach.

The waves were still pulling the unmanned boat in and out of the water when Sally Pillion commented on the Avalon Facebook page about her discovery at about 10 am Thursday.

The Cape May Herald is reporting that the owner of Sea Tow Cape May, the company hired to remove the vessel from the beach, said the sailor of the boat had anchored offshore last night and had gone to sleep on the boat.

Apparently, during the night the anchor lost ground and the sailboat went adrift, coming ashore early this morning. The owner of the Pearson 35 Sailboat was able to walk away unharmed from the boat onshore.

The Cape May Herald says that the Coast Guard was notified about the wayward sailboat but the sailor was already safely onshore when they arrived.

The boat was registered in New Jersey, but the owner's name has not been revealed. The sea tow company said the sailboat is not solvable.

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