Cyber Monday sales smashed all records for 2017 and set an all time high ever for online shopping with over $6.59 billion in sales, according to CNBC. This also means more packages than ever will be delivered to homes this holiday season.

'Tis the season for not having your packages stolen from would-be thieves this Christmas. According to, over 23 million had a packages stolen from their home in 2015. This year over 850 million packages will be delivered to homes this Christmas.

Here are some tips on how to keep your gifts safe from would-be thieves this Christmas.

1. Have your packages shipped to another location. If it's allowed, have your packages sent to where you work.

2. Require a signature for your delivery. Many companies offer this feature. It's not as convenient but its an effective way to make sure you get your packages.

3. Hold your packages. May companies will hold your packages for you to pick up including Amazon, Fed Ex Office and The UPS Store.

4. Home lock box. This could be an expensive option but, it will keep your packages safe.

5. Install security cams. You would be able to keep an close eye on your Christmas packages and on your home at all times with this technology.  Posting a sign that your premises are protected is another way of cutting down package thefts.

6. Neighborhood watch. Start a neighborhood network where neighbors can keep an eye out for one another.

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