COVID- 19 has changed our way of doing things and the upcoming 2020 holiday season including Black Friday will be no different.

The official countdown to Christmas 2020 is less than 60 days away. Shopping online will be bigger this Christmas thanks to lingering concerns  the coronavirus pandemic.

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Retailers are also  getting a head-start on Black Friday which is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. Home Depot has just announced their Black Friday sale will start on Friday, November 6th according to the USA Today. The retail home improvement giant's big Black Friday sale will last until December 2nd.

You can get Black Friday mega deals on giant holiday lawn inflatables for $69, a 7.5 pre-lit Christmas tree for $79, Christmas doormats for just $10, a 4.5-quart Kitchen-aid mixer for $189.  All deals are while supplies last.

Lowe's has already begun their Season of Savings. Most of the deals and savings will take place online rather then in-store.  The online one day Cyber Steals will take place through December 2nd. You'll be able to get deals on electronics, small appliances, tools, décor and much more.

Most retailers including Sam's Club, Target, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond have announced earlier than normal Black Friday deals.

Even the tradition of shopping on Thanksgiving will change for 2020 as most retailers will opt to close for the holiday so they employees can spend the holiday with family and friends.

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