When they chronicle the most brilliant minds in criminal history, chances are Millville's Fuquan Anderson will not be included. Anderson was arrested back in January as a suspect in repeated robberies at the Riggins gas station on Main Street in Vineland.

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Anderson appeared at a virtual arraignment hearing in Cumberland County Superior Count on Friday, where his court appointed public defender entered a not guilty plea, according to the Vineland Daily Journal.

As part of their investigation,Vineland Police got a search warrant to go through Anderson's cell phone. It seems clear that Anderson wasn't expecting them to do that.

The phone history showed that Anderson had searched 'how to rob a gas station and not get caught'. He had also searched for news concerning one of the the robberies under investigation.

Other incriminating evidence against Anderson included police finding clothes matching the description of the gas station robber in his car and a record of him being stopped by the police near the targeted gas station.

The prosecution is recommending that Anderson plead guilty in return for a lighter sentence. That's sounds like some pretty good advice to me. Anderson was previously convicted of an Essex County robbery in 2002 and spent almost six years in prison.

Anderson will be back in front of the judge in January 2021.

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