Here are some completely random facts about New Jersey.  I bet you'll be surprised by at least a few of them.

If I were to ask you to tell me a few things about our state, you might mention something about food, the shore, or music, but we have a historic dinosaur in our state, and it's a pretty big deal.

Hadrosaurus Foulkii is the first nearly whole dinosaur statue that was found in Haddonfield, in 1858.  This statue was made of a real dinosaur skeleton.  Today, you can see a huge, bronze statue that was created to commemorate this magnificent dinosaur in Haddonfield.

New Jersey is known in the world of medicine, as the Medicine Chest of the World.  The term is a reference to the fact that New Jersey is home to the most pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.

Speaking of medicine and science, here's another fact, New Jersey has more scientists and engineers per square mile than any other state.

New Jersey was home to the first drive-in theater in the world.  It opened in 1933 in Pennsauken.  Sadly, today, there is just one drive-in theater in New Jersey, that is still open.  That is the Delsea Drive-In in Vineland.

Anyone driving along the Jersey coast, knows we have a lot of water towers, but did you know that New Jersey is home to the largest water tower in the world?  The 211-foot watersphere is located in Union.  The tower was built in 1965 on a $65,000 budget.


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