Utility companies, credit card companies, even the police have all issued alerts about phone scams recently. Now a popular bank in South Jersey has issued a phone scam fraud alert.

Ocean First Bank is warning its customers about a large-scale debit card phone scam, with scammers posing as bank employees trying to get your debit card and PIN number.

The scammers are using advances in phone technology and more creative sales pitches to make these phony calls all the more believable.

Here is the transcript of a scam alert message I received from Ocean First Bank today.

New Jersey banking customers are being targeted in a large-scale debit card scam.

Fraudsters might try to call you using what looks like an Ocean First Bank
phone number and pretending to be the Ocean First Fraud Department.
They will ask you for your full debit card number and PIN.

Ocean First Bank would NEVER ask you for your full
debit card number or PIN on the phone.

Once these fraudsters have this information, they are making
high-dollar purchases using the fraudulently obtained information.

DO NOT share your full debit card number and PIN if asked.
Above all, NEVER share your card’s PIN with anyone.

As an Ocean First customer, keeping your information
safe and secure is our number one priority."

Source: Ocean First Bank

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