If your child has an iPhone, police warn that you need to check their phones immediately.

It seems like our phones automatically download updates all the time.  In fact, we get so many updates, that many of us tend to ignore the updates all together.

However, every once in a while, an update comes down that makes a significant change to our phones.  In the case of a recent iPhone update, iOS17, one of the changes has drawn attention to the potential problems it may cause.

Authorities are warning that iOS17 includes a feature that allows your phone to share personal information such as contact information and photos, by simply holding the phone close to another iPhone with that feature.

The feature, called Name Drop, can be helpful in some situations.  For instance, if you're at a business function, instead of exchanging business cards, you can simply hold your phones together to exchange contact information.

The problem is if a child's phone has Name Drop on, it's conceivable that someone with bad intentions, can get information from the child's phone, and you would never know about it.

The good news:  this is easy to fix.

How to Check to See if Your iPhone Has Been Updated

First, you'll want to check the phone to be sure the phone has actually been updated.  If it hasn't, you can manually download the latest update by going to Settings, then look for General, and then Software update.

How to Turn Off Name Drop Feature on Your iPhone

Once downloaded, go to Settings, then AirDrop, and look for "bringing devices together." Click the Off button.

Check your child’s iPhone for this new feature: The warning police are issuing to parents (msn.com)

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