Our pets are part of the family, so naturally we want to celebrate the holidays with them. In order to do that, some of us insist on dressing them up in human Christmas clothing.

Our pets are so patient and they love us so much, or they just can't get away from us fast enough, so they reluctantly go along.

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It's a weird but true Christmas tradition with many pet-loving people, myself included.

Over the years, I have dressed pet dogs and cats in everything from ugly Christmas sweaters to strings of brightly-blinking Christmas lights, not to mention surprising them with Santa hats for their little pet heads whenever they happen to walk by me during the holidays.

It may seem a little warped to have fun at your pet's expense in this manner, but I get a kick out of it and it makes the holidays happy inside my head.

With that confession out the way, I present to you some of the many responses I received when I asked Lite Rock listeners to send me a photo of their pet dressed for Christmas.

The simple fact that I had to stop the process of including all of the of photos here,  because it was taking up all my free time with the huge amount of submissions, proves that I am not the only one who finds great joy in seeing my pet with a string of garland wrapped around his neck and a pair of reindeer antlers on, while lying on a green and red Christmas carpet. Ah, the holidays.

Merry Christmas to you and your pets, Eddie

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