Two brand new sloth bear cubs have officially made their debut at Philadelphia Zoo, and YOU can help name them!

The cubs, both male, were born to mom Kayla back on January 2nd and have been staying close to her indoors. It's been so fun watching them play and spar with each other.

But these adorable baby animals are finally grown enough to explore their outdoor habitat, camping out on logs and playing with mom, and they are SO stinkin' cute!

The best part about their debut to the outside world is that WE all get to see them now, too!

Now, the cubs need names. Philadelphia Zoo has narrowed down to TWO choices for each sloth bear cub, and they honor some of the best in Philly sports and Philly music!

Should the baby sloth bears be named Kelce (after Philadelphia Eagle Jason Kelce) and Harper (after the Phillies' Bryce Harper)?

Getty Images
Getty Images

Or do they look more like a Hall or an Oates, after music duo Daryl HALL and John OATES?

29th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Show
Getty Images

Pick your favorites here! Philadelphia Zoo will reveal the winning sloth bear cub names Monday, May 29th!

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In the meantime, you can watch what the sloth bear cubs are up to anytime thanks to the zoo's new Xfinity live streaming camera!




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