The annual Perseid meteor shower, which is known for being among the brightest of meteor showers, peaks between Tuesday and Thursday night this week.

If the weather permitting, and that's a big if early in the week, the viewing in South Jersey should be excellent!

The best part about the showing is that it will happen a day before the new moon, meaning the night skies will be dark and perfect for meteor spotting. Under clear and dark skies, observers could expect to see up to 100 shooting stars an hour.

Astronomy experts say that those conditions have not been available since 2010.

Stargazers, campers or simply astronomy lovers will not need any additional equipment like a telescope to see the meteor shower. These fiery streaks of light should be visible to the naked eye that evening. But going to a rural area, away from urban spaces that are filled with light pollution, will increase the chances of seeing the Perseid meteor shower.

One such local place is the beach in Cape May, where New Jersey's Audubon's Nature Center of Cape May is holding an "Astronomy Night on the Beach" Tuesday at 8:30p. The program staff will tell stories about the constellations and teach about the moon and the planets.

Interested star gazers should meet the center's staffers at Cove Beach, Beach and Second Avenue. The program will require substantial walking in the sand, so dress accordingly.  There is a $5 charge, under age 3 is free. Call 609-898-8848 for more information.

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