Oprah, her bff Gayle King and Stedman Graham did Cape May over the weekend according to Philly.com.  The three were spotted having dinner Saturday at the always delicious Ebbitt Room in the Virginia Hotel.

Sources told Philly.com that the meal consisted of heritage chicken, braised short rib, and lobster, and yummy desserts like sticky toffy pudding, sweet ricotta donuts, and chocolate lava cake.

Oprah and company even took time to congratulate a bride and groom having their wedding reception at the Virginia Hotel.

One social media follower also reports Oprah, Gayle and Stedman did breakfast at Uncle Bill's Pancake House during their Cape May Weekend.  Another good choice, we must say!

Locals say Oprah has been a frequent visitor to Cape May over the years, while Stedman is a native of Whitesboro in nearby Middle Township.

Source: Philly.com

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