Nowadays there are so many dangerous driving distractions we have to deal with on a daily basis. From texting to looking at your GPS to eating or even grooming, any one of these driving distractions can lead to a disaster.

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Parallel parking can be an uphill task especially if you're not comfortable doing it. A New Jersey driver caused major damage when he backed into a driving school of all places on Main Street in Asbury Park.

According to, the driver was attempting to park his car when he hit the curb and slammed into the ML Driving School. The crash caused major damage to the school and injured one man in the office. The driver, who suffered no injuries, had to be removed from the vehicle by the Asbury Park Fire Department.

The driver who was not identified received a ticket for careless driving. The situation could have been much worse as one of the owners of the school escaped serious or life-threatening injuries by mere inches.

I do struggle sometimes trying to parallel park especially on a busy street with heavy traffic coming at me in both directions.

Here are some helpful tips on how to parallel park from the website Driving Tests.

Position Your Car- You should be 2-3 feet from the side of the parked car.

Check Your Mirrors- Make sure there are no other cars in your blind spot.

Start Backing Up- Slowly back up while turning your steering wheel to the right.

Straighten The Wheel- Slowly straighten your wheel as you continue to back up toward the parked car at the other end

Turn Your Wheel to the Left.- This should be done as you pass the back bumper of the car in the parking spot in front of you

Check How Close You Are- Keep a safe distance to the car behind you.

Adjust Your Position- This should be done when your car is straight. Get as close to the curb as you can.

Hope this helps!


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