Wildwood Police responded to a 911 call about shots fired at about 9:05 pm on Friday, May 12 at Spencer and Ocean Avenues. They found one gunshot victim and another man hiding in a boat close by.

Police found one injured victim at the scene, who they believe was an innocent bystander. The man had been shot in his upper left leg. The victim was flown to Atlantic City Medical Center where he was released several hours after being treated for his injuries.

In a Facebook post, Wildwood Police say they cordoned off the area while officers looked for witnesses and suspects. That's when the police found Nyshawn Ellis, 20, from Millville hiding in a boat in the three-hundred block of East Spencer Avenue.

After a brief struggle, Ellis was taken into custody and taken to police headquarters. He was charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest, and later released on a summons complaint for both disorderly persons offenses.

Three spent 9mm shell casings were found at the crime scene.

Police and the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office obtained surveillance video from local businesses. As a result of the investigation, several persons of interest are believed to be connected to the shooting incident.

Wildwood Police say their investigation benefited from the additional law enforcement personnel from other parts of Cape May County who were on hand to help in the event that people arrived to attend the unsanctioned pop-up party that was promoted on social media for May 12-13.

Online ads for the party promised “dance battles, twerk contests, beer pong, and boxing matches,” according to a complaint filed by the city in Cape May County Superior Court in early May.

Wildwood had gone to court to block the event being promoted as "The Wildwood Beach Linkup", reportedly coordinated by online personality Big Money Juan.

The event organizers had canceled the party weeks ago but the city was still concerned that partyers might show up anyway. It doesn't seem like there were any problems because of the canceled party.

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