Officer Roxy, a veteran K9 officer in narcotics for the Salem County Sheriff's office and the Salem County Corrections Department died Wednesday. Roxy had been a narcotic detection dog and beloved police demonstration dog since 2010.

A Facebook post from the Salem County Sheriff's office chronicles Roxy's long career  working for Salem County law enforcement, after not being successful as a seeing eye dog.  Roxy is credited with helping in over 500 narcotic investigations, which resulted in a substantial number of criminal arrests and confiscated drugs.

According to Salem County Sheriff Chuck Miller, preliminary indications are that Roxy died of natural causes.

Condolences to Roxy's handlers, Sgt. Ian Todd and C/O Andy Hecksher and to the SCSO K9 team.

Here is the Salem County Sheriff's office post about Roxy...

Source: Salem County Sheriff's office/Facebook

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