Ocean Resort Casino's offer to give free accommodations to people evacuating from Hurricane Florence has been a big success. The casino said Thursday that all the rooms available have been taken within the first 24 hours.

“Due to the overwhelming response, we are sold out through Saturday 9/15,” Ocean Resort wrote in a tweet. “However, we will be able to offer rooms Sunday 9/16 through Thursday 9/20,” the casino tweeted Thursday.

Ocean Resort's Bruce Deifik, chairman of AC Ocean Walk LLC, which owns the casino, made the offer of complimentary rooms Wednesday saying he sympathized with the plight of those who had evacuated from the hurricane's impact zone.

“We completely understand the concern for families and the community during times like this, so we want to do our part by providing somewhere safe, warm and dry to those impacted by Hurricane Florence."

Ocean Resort's offer of free rooms was called "a lifesaver" by one evacuee writing on

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