Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian has seen the recent increase in the amount of trash on his town's beaches and boardwalk and he doesn't like it.

So, the mayor is calling in the undercover trash police.

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OK, that's not actually what the mayor is calling them, but he does plan to have additional uniformed and undercover officers looking for litter bugs.

Gillian released a letter Wednesday addressing Ocean City's trash problems.

The mayor says the city expected to see more trash in Ocean City due to the take-out restrictions and more in-season visitors, but the last two weekends have exceeded those expectations.

Our police department will continue to monitor the beach and boardwalk and make adjustments as needed. The chief has already increased the number of officers performing highly visible patrols and is adding additional undercover officers to patrol our beaches and boardwalk to search for violators.
Ocean City plans to add trash receptacles specifically for pizza boxes and they are asking restaurants to cut down on the packaging of their to-go orders to help with the litter problem.

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