Refrain from feeding those pesky seagulls this Summer or else, it will dearly cost you.

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian sent out a letter pleading residents and visitors to refrain from giving seagulls ANY food while on the Ocean City boardwalk this Summer.

Feeding seagulls is actually illegal in Ocean City plus the birds are getting increasingly aggressive and there have been more incidents reported.

Fines could be as high as $500 and penalties could also result in spending up to 90 days in jail.

In addition, the mayor has asked all Ocean City businesses to give enclosed to-go food containers to help avoid any seagull incidents.

"Cut off this easy and unnatural food supply. That means not just refraining from feeding them, but protecting your food from them," Gillian said. "Please understand that you can't hit them or throw things at them. But you can help by keeping food away from them."

So basically, avoid any interaction with seagulls that involves food so we can try to live with these birds harmoniously once again.

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