Danny Feltwell might be too young to appreciate what a special moment he'll be part of this Sunday afternoon when he throws out the first pitch before the Phillies game at Citizen's Bank Park.  After all,  Danny is only three, and being selected to throw that ceremonial pitch before a major league game is a real honor.  But... Danny is not just any three-year-old.

Since being diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer when he was two, Danny has experienced many things much older people never have and endured more pain and upheaval in his young life than they hopefully ever will.

This is an update in an occasional series of blogs about Danny and his single father Dan, a small but determined family doing whatever they can to get Danny better.  Along the way, they have found that a cancer diagnosis is especially unfair for a child.

It's not just that cancer at a young age deprives Danny of the worry-free childhood any parent would wish for their child.  The compounding problem is the inadequacy of available treatments for children with cancer.  What treatments are being offered were designed for an adult's body, not a child's.  There are also shortages of the drugs needed to give Danny a fighting chance that you don't encounter with the treatment of  cancer in an adult.

Anyway,  here's wishing Danny and his family a  happy time they will long remember at Sunday's Phillies game.  If you are at the game, you'll have the chance to witness a moment when the smallest person on the field has the greatest courage.

Here is my latest update on Danny's medical condition from his father.

Hi Eddie,

I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and happy. Danny is doing well, he is having problems with his digestion of food. This problem, dis-motility, was brought on by chemotherapy specifically a compound called Vincristine. Tomorrow Danny will receive another infusion of Vincristine and also an infusion of IVIG which is the antibodies of White Blood Cells to help him fight off any potential infection. On this Thursday Danny will also receive a Spinal Tap with Chemotherapy, Intrathecal Methotrexate. Our two Days of traveling to AI duPont Hosp. in Delaware are going to be long but Danny will be able to sleep in his own bed, which is important for us. Danny is doing quite well and was able to finish the school year at Ross Elementary School in Margate, I have attached a picture from his last day, June 15th. Danny will also start summer school for his Physical, Occupational and speech Therapies next week on the 25th of June. Danny loves school so much, I am a proud father who is truly blessed.

I have some other good news, Danny will be throwing out the first pitch at this Sunday`s Phillies Game. The Game is at 1:00pm. The very compassionate leadership of Local Union 98, my place of employment, and the Phila. Phillies Team has enabled my son to have a wonderful day at the Ball Park, but more importantly this will bring much needed Awareness toward Childhood Cancer. They have asked me if I would bring Danny`s Doctors and Nurses so that they can be recognized also, these wonderful people are saving the lives of Children every day and honoring them and our Children with Cancer is beautiful.

I wanted you to know first, I will send you a message later in the week with more details.

Your Friend,

Danny`s Dad

Dan Feltwell