It may be one of the most popular drinking holidays of the year, but don't try and test your luck in North Wildwood tonight.

North Wildwood's known as "the place to be" when it comes to nightlife down at the South Jersey beaches. Anybody who enjoy the Wildwoods during the season or otherwise knows how much fun it is down New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood. You've got Keenan's, Flip Flopz, The Inlet, Exit6ix, so many more places to go in that general vicinity that there's really no reason for you to need to drive.

The North Wildwood Police Department are hoping that you don't. They've made that perfectly clear, too, with the brand-new cruisers. They got some new wraps for some of their vehicles down there and the message is pretty straight forward. Don't drink and drive. It's "a tale as old as time," as they say. Still, somehow, some way, there's incidents every year involving people blowing above the legal limit after leaving that area.

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The cruisers have been wrapped with a message from the "Be A Hero" campaign. It's one that commends people for volunteering to be the designated driver for the night. It that an admirable thing to do? Of course! With all the car-share companies in operation today like Uber and Lyft, you can let one of them be your DD for the night, if you have to.

It's true, though. When you decide to be your group's designated driver, you really are saving lives. Check out the North Wildwood Police Department's newly-wrapped SUVs that are encouraging people to do just that.

Looking good, NWPD, looking good! 😎

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