Regardless of the dire situation in our state regarding finance, budget and taxes, people are headed to the shore in droves and out on the water. There’s at least some "normal" returning this summer. Of course with the warm weather and New Jerseyans hitting the beach and launching the boats, there are protocols you have to pay attention to in order to make sure that the fun doesn’t turn into a dangerous situation.

Thankfully when things go awry, we have some of the most capable, courageous and well trained state troopers in the nation. Although we don't know all the circumstances that lead to a capsized boat in the Point Pleasant Canal, what we do know is that a tragedy was averted when New Jersey State Troopers arrived on scene to pull six victims out of the water and get them safely to shore.

Thanks to the quick action of the Troopers, these six people will be able to return to their families and live to get back out on the water and enjoy life.

Thank you to all of our hero New Jersey State Troopers, we know that you have our backs.

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