The New Jersey State Police shared a letter on Facebook sent to them by a woman commending a trooper for his help during her family's minivan breakdown on Rt. 55 in Vineland on Mother's day.

If you need confirmation that there are diligent police officers out there doing their jobs every day around New Jersey, or if you just want to read a nice letter, we have just the thing.

The mom writing the letter tells how the family minivan broke down last Sunday, stranding this family of seven - mom, dad, five young children and a puppy - on the side of a busy, dark road, over 60 miles away from home.

Trooper Jason Frazier was on the scene almost immediately after the family pulled over, and, from the sounds of it, he saved the day.

The alternator died and it was clear, we would not be able to drive it further. I had my 5 young children and our puppy with me, sleeping in the minivan, and my husband was in another vehicle. We were over 60 miles from home in Lansdale PA.
Trooper Fraser was on the scene in literally under 3 minutes after I pulled over. He was incredible and kept us safe for more than 1.5 hours. He provided light when my husband looked under the hood. He helped us provide directional information for road side assistance (who made multiple mistakes).
But, that's not all. The trooper even offer to pay to have the minivan towed to the family's home in Pennsylvania and to get the family an Uber ride home.
He said it would have been a small way that he can turn around my Mother's Day. What a guy!!! I told him his mother would be very proud of him - his offer did turn around my Mother's Day!!! We were completely impressed with him and his professionalism (and only a trooper since September 2020).
Most importantly, according to the letter writer, Trooper Jason Frazier remained calm and help to keep the family calm during a stressful situation. He even kept the puppy calm.
He was the epitome of calmness in a rather stressful situation. He engaged with our kids, chatting with our oldest son about basketball, and my husband about other sports. Having police support on the side of a road, next to a wooded area, gave my kids the sense of security they needed at this late and dark hour. Trooper Fraser even got our barking puppy to be calm. His service to our family is GREATLY appreciated! We are very impressed with his desire to serve! And blessed because we had a chance to have met him! And we will be keeping him and all of you in our prayers! Stay safe!
What a great letter!
Thanks to the family for taking the time to recognize Trooper Frasier, and, most of all,  thanks to NJ State Trooper Jason Frazier for being a credit to his profession.

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