If you were bummed because you couldn't afford tickets to see Taylor Swift, you're really going to be bummed when you see this.

Like a Cruel Summer joke, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy threw a big party while attending a Taylor Swift concert at Metlife Stadium, and he wants you to pay for it.

According to a story in Politico, the Governor submitted bills totaling roughly 12 thousand dollars to the Governor's expense account (taxpayer funds) for food and drinks at Metlife Stadium, and other miscellaneous spending.   Among the expenses submitted was $936 for food and beverages at a 2018 Taylor Swift concert and $1430 for food and beverages at a 2019 Hip-Hop Music Festival.

I never would've pegged the Governor as a fan of Lil Wayne, Cardi B., or Remy Ma.  Who knew?

Getty Images for GQ
Getty Images for GQ

According to Politico, the Murphy administration expected the state Democratic Party to cover the expenses.  When they didn't, the bill was paid for by using the Governor's expense account.

But the Governor spent our money on other stuff too.  Politico lists items such as cuff links, football tickets, soccer tickets, and groceries.  Lots of groceries.

It should be pointed out that Governor Murphy isn't the first politician to stick taxpayers with bills.  Chris Christie seemed to enjoy the Governor's suite at Metlife during his term.

Don't you wish we could spend others' money to party?

It's only fair to mention that despite spending our money, the Governor didn't spend up to the limit and actually returned unused funds to the state.

Incredibly, the Governors aren't required to submit disclosures to the State Ethics Commission.  A bill that required such disclosures never passed.

New Jersey governor spent $12K on stadium events — including a Taylor Swift concert - POLITICO

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