Going to college to expand your education should be a positive experience.  It is a time to learn and grow and for many, it's the first time the student has been away from home.

When our daughters or sons leave for school, we want to believe they are in a safe place.  Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

The website, degreechoices.com has just released its list of the 27 Most Dangerous Campuses in the country.

Rape on College Campuses

According to the report, a shocking 60% of total violent crimes on campus involve sexual assault.  In another disturbing finding,

sexual abuse at the hands of college physicians accounts for the top 2 schools on the list.

The report used data that was published by the U.S. Department of Education to analyze violent crimes at colleges with or without campus housing and a student population of at least 500 students.

The FBI defines violent crimes as Rape, Murder, Robbery, and Aggravated assault.

If you're looking at colleges in New Jersey, we can report that none of the in-state schools made the list of the top 27.

Dangerous College Campuses

Among the most dangerous college campuses are,

The University of Florida Gainsville, with a total of 87 total violent crimes reported, comes in at #21 overall in the report.

Auburn University is #14 with a total of 108 violent crimes reported.

The college that is ranked #3 is UC Berkeley with 242 violent crimes reported.

According to the report on degreechoices.com, the most dangerous college campus in the US, is the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  With 1468 violent crimes reported, they are said to be the most dangerous campus in the country.

For the full list of the Top 27 Most Dangerous College Campuses, and to see more detailed information, click here.

The 27 most dangerous college campuses 2023 - Degreechoices.com

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