A popular summer business run by two sisters out of their parents' Atlantic City garage has been shut down by the NJ Dep't of Health.

Remedee Coffee, based in the South Bartram Avenue beach block home of Amanda and Colie Escobar has been using a Cottage Food Operator Permit to sell Colombian grown and coastally roasted coffee drinks and coffee beans on Saturdays and Sundays since 2021.

The sisters' menu featured creative drink ideas like iced coffee finished with a splash of fresh-squeezed lemonade, and the "Loco Coco", a coconut cold brew, house-made coconut syrup, with a splash of fresh coconut milk.

The NJ Dep't of Health rejected the renewal of their license, saying they were violating the rules of the Cottage Food Rule.

What is NJ's Cottage Food Rule?

Many states regulate “cottage food,” meaning food made in a home kitchen for sale.

New Jersey cottage food producers may sell goods that are not time- or temperature-controlled for safety, known as "non-TCS".

Time/temperature control for safety foods must be refrigerated to protect people from getting sick after eating them.

Examples of some non-TCS foods include most types of baked goods, candy, chocolate-covered nuts, dried fruit, dried pasta, fudge, granola, cereal, honey, popcorn, roasted coffee and dried tea.

Why Did NJ Decline Renewal of the Sisters Cottage Food License?

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a spokesperson for the NJ Dep't. of Health said  "Remedee Coffee Roasters cottage license was revoked because it was operating in violation of 11.7" of the rule, which says that if any portion of the rules is violated, the license will be pulled.

The NJ Dep't of Health told the sisters they had checked their Instagram account and found they were operating as a "pop-up weekend coffee shop" and rejected them, according to the Inquirer.

What's Next for Remedee Coffee?

The sisters are looking for a "permanent retail location in Lower Chelsea Atlantic City or Ventnor City NJ to continue to serve the community Micro-batch roasted Colombian coffee."

Before they lost their license, Remedee Coffee had been running an ad looking for part-time help this summer.

Come join Atlantic City’s unique coffee shop that operates out of a garage on the beach block of Bartram Avenue! At Remedee Coffee Roasters, we believe in revitalizing Atlantic City’s neighborhoods one cup at a time.

We'll teach you everything you need to know as long as you come with a positive attitude, a likable personality, a willingness to learn, and a great work ethic. Hourly Pay: $14.13 plus tips...and unlimited free cups of coffee.

I don't understand what the sisters did wrong and it doesn't appear that they do, either.  Here's hoping that the women can find a permanent place to call home for their cool coffee business.

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