Back in the day, many of us grew up in communities where everyone in the neighborhood knew each other.

In the summer, we'd leave home in the morning and return when the sun went down.

On school days, we'd get off the bus and walk home without worry, because one of mom's friends was always nearby.

Times have changed and things are different.

Look around, how many of your neighbors do you know?  I couldn't tell you the name of any of my neighbors, and I'll bet many of you would say the same thing.

It's important to know things about your neighbors.  It's especially important if you have kids.

People who want to do you harm, don't carry warning labels.  Some of the "kindest" looking people may hide the darkest of secrets.

Fortunately, there is one way to help protect your children, and it's just a keystroke away.

It's important for parents to periodically check the sex offender's registry.  This is a place where known sex offenders, are required by law, to register their current address.

It's operated by the State Police and is free to check.  Once you enter the site, you input your address, and you will see a list of offenders that are registered in your area.

Check for registered sex offenders in your neighborhood by clicking this link:  NJ Sex Offender Registry.

Authorities remind you that even if someone appears on the list, that doesn't give anyone the right to harass them.  Doing that can get you into legal problems of your own.

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