We've all seen the movies where someone is running through a jungle when they suddenly step into something in the ground and start sinking.

Then, the more they struggle, the deeper they sink.

But is quicksand real?  Does it exist in New Jersey?

First, quicksand is real and you can find it in New Jersey.  Quicksand can be found almost anywhere on earth.

However, it's not like what we've seen in the movies.

What is Quicksand?

In simple terms, quicksand is primarily a mix of sand or soil that's saturated in water.  The mixture becomes soupy.

When you step on the soupy mixture, it can't support your weight, and you sink in.

However, despite what we've seen in movies, you're not likely to get sucked into oblivion.

What Happens When You Step in Quicksand?

Waist deep is about as far as you'll go.  That doesn't mean it can't be dangerous.

If you were to find yourself in quicksand, don't panic.  Your body will stay afloat.  However, the more you struggle by moving your arms and legs, the deeper you'll sink.

Those who drown in quicksand, usually drown because they panicked.

Do not move.  Collect your thoughts.  The more you pull, the more you'll sink.

How to Escape Quicksand

Moving as slowly as possible, try to spread your legs and arms as far as possible while leaning back.

This will create a larger surface area, and in time, you should be able to float out of the sand.

All movements need to be as slow as possible.  Wriggle your feet and arms.  This will help liquefy the sand that has engulfed you.

Do not try to pull yourself out.  Doing this will create a vacuum-like effect, and pull you deeper.

Experts advise that you should never explore marshy, wet areas by yourself.  Those who die in quicksand, usually die of dehydration, predators, and drowning.

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