I'm sure the headline of this article sounds like the makings of an old wives tale.

I had to check several sources to ensure this was a real thing, and it is.

It's one of the more obscure laws in New Jersey.

About two dozen other states have a similar law.

It's called the Purple Paint law.

If you're walking on a property that you are unfamiliar with and you see a post or perhaps a tree with a purple marking, it's the same as seeing a no trespassing sign.

At first, I thought, why don't they just use signs?

Then I saw some explanations, and there's nothing complicated about it.  It makes a lot of sense.

Property owners who want to protect their land from trespassers have had problems with people stealing signs, or signs getting destroyed by virtue of being exposed to the climate.

Marking property with the paint eliminates the need to replace signs.  Also, for larger parcels of property, it can be expensive to buy enough signs to distribute throughout the property.

When we lived in Pennsylvania, we used to have problems with hunters entering our property.  Signs would always seem to disappear.  So I can relate to the challenge.

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New Jersey has regulations that must be followed when painting your property markers.

The paint must be lead-free.  Also, the marking must be verticle and at least 8 inches in length.  The markings must be between 3 and 5 feet from the ground.

If you happen to see the purple paint, you should treat it as you would a no-trespassing sign.  It means keep out.

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