As Americans, most of us take great pride in the freedoms and liberties we enjoy in our country.  The fact that we can even have political debate, as ugly as it can be, puts us ahead of most nations in the world.

Independance Day is a celebration of our freedoms.  It's a place that our forefathers fought for, and our citizenry fights to protect each and every day.

People view patriotism differently, and there are vast regional differences in our views of patriotism.

The website, has put out the results of a recent study it conducted to find the most patriotic state in the country.  According to the study, New Jersey isn't very patriotic.  In fact, New Jersey is one of the least patriotic states in the country.

But how can that be?  We sing the National Anthem, and when I see people who wear a miliary shirt or cap, I thank them for their service.  Oh, and taxes?  We certainly give our fair-share to keep things humming.

What do they mean when they say we're not patriotic here in New Jersey?

The study used data that included things like the number of people who are in or were in the military, participation in the election process, civic engagement and a few other areas.

New Jersey, according to this report is ranked number 40 in the country.  "Bogus" I say.

By now, I had to find out who the most-patriotic state isVirginia was named the most-patriotic state.  I lived in Norfolk, and I can't argue with that choice.  There's something pretty awesome about seeing those fighter jets and those aircraft carriers.

New York is ranked 47, which also was no surprise.  Pennsylvania?  They are number 42, and they have the Liberty Bell!

Finally, coming in dead last, Arkansas.

Whatever you do July 4th, stay safe.  God Bless the USA.

2023’s Most Patriotic States in America (

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