📹 A 19-year-old is accused of filming women in a public bathroom

📹 Police found the man hiding in a bathroom stall, officials said

📹 He has been released with pretrial conditions

BOONTON TOWNSHIP — A Morris County man is accused of recording women while they used the toilets at a public park.

Justin Emker, 19, of Butler, is charged with three counts of third-degree invasion of privacy, Morris County Prosecutor Robert Carroll said. He was arrested on July 22 and released with pretrial conditions.

Emker was caught in the women's restroom at the Rockaway Valley Aerodrome Fields, Carroll said. The fields were once an airport but are now used mainly for soccer.

According to officials, someone at the fields approached Boonton Township police officers on July 22 and reported that someone had been in the women's bathroom for an unusually long time.

Rockaway Valley Aerodrome Fields (Google Maps/Canva)
Rockaway Valley Aerodrome Fields (Google Maps/Canva)

The cops went into the bathroom and found Emker hiding inside one of the stalls, Carroll said. They checked his cell phone and found three video recordings from that day.

Emker had recorded women's "intimate parts" while they used the facilities, Carroll said. The women were all adults.

Among the conditions for Emker's release were monitoring, limited use of his cell phone, and a ban from returning to the RVA Fields. He has a court date set for Sept. 6.

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