There's a new survey out that ranks New Jersey as one of the "worst states in the country."

Was it the high taxes?  The tolls along our highways?  Maybe they don't like pork roll...

The reason given was none of the above.  People say its US, the natives of the state that make the state unappealing.

We could've seen this coming.  Look on Facebook at all the anti-shoobie sentiment and you had to figure someone's going to get chafed.  Do you care?

As upset as people may get, they still come back for more.  We have the leverage.  Who has the beautiful shoreline?  We do.  Who has the best bagels and pizza?  We do.  Could jealousy be the real reason for the hate?

Besides, they may hate US, but there are 11 states they hate more.

New York, for instance, was the tenth most-hated state in the country.  Reasons people gave for hating New York include the inflated price of everything, bad traffic, and cold winters.  Throw in the crime and grime and you have a pretty good idea of why people feel the way they do.

Coming in at number 6 is California.  The headline in the story says it all, "From Golden State to Hell Hole."  We'll leave it at that.

The state that takes the top spot as the most-hated state in the country might surprise you.  That honor goes to Missouri.  I'd share some of the quotes people used to discribe the state, but let's just say it's not good.


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