I guess we can look on the bright side.  Our roads aren't officially the worst.

The online financial site, moneygeek.com did research of on America's urban infrastructure, and was able to determine the states with the best and worst roads in the country.

Not surprisingly, the research found that more government spending did not equate to better quality.

About 10 percent of America's roadways are in poor condition.  And 20% of the roads in urban areas are bad.

There's a thing called the international roughness index.  This is a formula that basically measures the roughness of the road.  The higher the number, the worse the roadway.

With an international roughness index of 123, New Jersey ranks number 10 in poor road quality.  I guess another way to view this is we have the 40th best roads?

According to the report on Money Geek, the Federal Highway Administration says roads that are in good condition, have an index below 95.

The Best

The best roads in the country can be found in New Hampshire.  Their index is 71.9.  Other states with the best roads are Alabama, Georgia and Florida.  All have an index below 80.


The Worst

Who has the worst roads in America, according to the report?  California takes that honor, scoring an index of 160, which is just passable.

Other states in the top 10 of bad roads are New York, and Massachusetts.

New Jersey tends to spend more per mile lane, than just about anyone else.  Wait, what?

Why should we care?  Aside from the fact that our tax dollars don't seem to be buying quality, the road conditions have a direct impact on how many times we need car repairs due to wear and tear.

You can read more about this report here.

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