Summertime is officially here at the Jersey Shore, and there's so much to do.

Much of the action happens on the many waterways at the shore and throughout New Jersey.

The New Jersey State Police Marine Services is responsible for keeping us safe while we play, and they remind the public of new regulations that are now in effect.

One of the new regulations is 13:82-1.13.  It says that,

The owner or certified operator of a personal watercraft (PWC) shall not
allow any person or persons to ride between the certified operator and the steering controls of the personal watercraft (PWC).
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva
This means the days of holding your kid on your lap while navigating your boat, jet ski, or other watercraft are no longer permitted.
Another new regulation has to do with water skiing.  Regulation 13:82-3.1 states,
All power vessels (including vessel, towline, and skier) conducting waterskiing operations, including wake surfing, shall, while underway, keep at least 200 feet distant from any wharf, marina, dock, pier, bridge structure, abutment, persons in the water, other vessels, any shore, approved aid to navigation, or mooring, except specifically provided otherwise in this chapter.
Photo: Waterskiing
Photo: Waterskiing
 This regulation requires distance between you and other people and watercraft.
The New Jersey State Police posted a reminder on their Facebook page, and the reactions were mixed.
A poster named Bob said, "That’s gonna pretty much put an end to waterskiing in NJ. Just another way to grab money for no real reason except government control."
Joe says, "This is an absolutely (sic) ridiculous and unnecessary law. " and", "This law is the first step in banning young children from being passengers on PWCs. Big Nanny State."
However, others were supportive of the new regs.
Anne posted, "It’s getting a little crazy in Lake Hopatcong"

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