I have to admit, I love New Jersey. It's always been (and will always be) home for me. Sure we could certainly do without the insane traffic and sky high taxes, but it looks like other Garden State residents are just as happy living in the state famous for our beaches, pork roll, and Springsteen!

According to a new list of state rankings from US News, New Jersey actually did fairly well by placing in the top 20 desirable states. The criteria used in determining the ranking consisted of health care, education, the state's economy, roads, public safety and quality of life.

New Jersey came in at #19, ahead of New York which made the list at #25 and Pennsylvania which scored even lower at #38.

Just in case you're wondering the top 3 states were Iowa, Minnesota and Utah. The bottom 3 on the list were New Mexico, Mississippi and Louisiana.

I love the fact that on any given day during the summer, I can spend some time at a beautiful beach or lake, go for a walk on the boards, a hike in the mountains!

What do YOU love most about living in New Jersey?

Source: US News 


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