With the 4th of July only days away, many of us will, no doubt, be spending a huge chunk of that time in and/or around water.

Here in South Jersey, it's always a fun Independence Day weekend with the number of places we have to go swimming. With lakes, community pools, and plenty of beaches to choose from, it's important that we all in the know of all the up-to-date water safety techniques. This is especially true for parents of little ones.

It's important to introduce your child to water safety at a young age. This fact is particularly important for parents with infants and toddlers at home. Sometimes, swimmies and all of the various floatation devices just aren't enough.

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Did you know that you can enroll your child in a swim class when they are just infants? It's true. A quick Google search will show you all the schools in Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May Counties that will even allow parents to be involved in the lessons, as well. There are plenty of swimming schools in Gloucester and Camden Counties, too.

The sooner your child is familiar with water safety tactics that could potentially save their lives, the better. Still, it's important that you, the parent, are doing all you can to keep them safe, too.

A reel that was recently shared on Instagram shows a child younger than one flipping themselves over while in a pool to assume a back-float position. It's pretty amazing to watch! The video also gives some pro-tips for parents introducing their little ones to water this summer.

Some of the best tips included were to never let your child swim alone if they have no water skills (swimmies on or not), assign designated "water watchers", and to make sure your CPR skills are up-to-date. Pretty good information to know going into the long holiday weekend, wouldn't you say?

Check out the video below:

Have a healthy and safe Independence Day weekend!

Source: Instagram

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