Do you dread the drill? Fear the needle? Whether you just dislike going to the dentist or have true dental anxiety, today’s dental technology has made a visit to the dentist a much easier and more positive experience. Solea is the first carbon dioxide dental laser approved by the FDA that replaces the dental drill in the majority of dental procedures. There is no loud noise and no vibration, and here’s the best part – dental procedures with Solea are virtually pain-free and require no numbing.  This means you can get your procedure done and resume your day without talking as if, well, you just had your mouth numbed.  Because you don’t have to wait for an injection to take effect, procedures are quicker and more efficient.

Goodman and Rosenberg Dentistry in Pleasantville is one of only a handful of dental practices in New Jersey to offer Solea.  “We love technology in our office, and this is our latest technological advance,” says Dr. Jay Rosenberg.  In fact, the Solea laser it is basically just a beam of light that never touches the mouth, gums or teeth. “Our patients are getting great results, and it has made such a difference for people who have a fear of going to the dentist.”

Learn more about Solea in my interview with Dr. Jay Rosenberg or visit Goodman and Rosenberg General Dentistry.

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