In the midst of all this uncertainty due to the cornonavirus, most of us, including myself, are guilty of panic buying.

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I've been feeling guilty of stocking up on bottles of wine. I've been stopping at the liquor store everyday to buy a bottle on the way home. You can blame me if there's a shortage of Simi Merlot in South Jersey.

Coronavirus fears have led to empty shelves in supermarkets all over South Jersey. Many stores now have placed limits on how many items you can buy on all cleaning supplies and toilet paper, if you're lucky enough to find a roll or two.

Now the NJ Assembly has passed a bill to make it illegal to return groceries bought for hoarding purposes due to the coronavirus, according to The new bill also carries fines up to $20,000. The bill is scheduled for a vote in the state assembly this Thursday.

The ban would also include meat, produce, cleaning supplies, health and beauty products and the number one hoarding item, toilet paper.





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