To paraphrase the movie "Network", frustrated Margate residents and beach-goers are "mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore"!

This weekend's heavy rain pooled behind the new dunes in Margate, leaving several inches standing water trapped between the dunes and the bulkheads more than 24 hours later and forcing beach-goers to wade through the standing water to reach the beach.

This is the latest sore spot for Margate concerning the New Jersey dune project they opposed and fought unsuccessfully in court over the last two years.

As a crowd of about 60 people protested the dune situation Sunday on the Delavan Ave. Beach, others took to Facebook to express their anger about the dunes, the Army Corp of Engineers and elected officials.

- "What happened to our beautiful beaches?"

- "I was there today and it is disgusting. I hope the homeowners take legal action. This is nonsense!! Actually it is pathetic!!!"

- "I will testify and be a witness. This is insane"

- "Heartbreaking!"

Concerned people are being encouraged to attend the next Margate City Commissioners meeting, at 4pm this Thursday, Aug. 3 at Old City Hall, 1 S. Washington Avenue, Margate to express their displeasure with the Margate dune situation.





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