They don't refer to New Jersey as "the Garden State" for nothing.

If you sat down and actually glanced over some of the data, you'd see just how much produce New Jersey is pumping out year over year. Is there anything better than fresh produce from any of NJ's local farmers' markets? In the summertime, that answer is a hard "no."

Believe it or not, New Jersey falls within the top five producers of more than a few popular fruits and vegetables throughout the United States. For example, New Jersey happens to be the 6th mass producer of squash in the country. Over 35 million pounds are grown within the Garden State annually. That's A LOT of squash.

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New Jersey also ranks as the fourth-highest producer for things like peaches, bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Do you think you know what the Garden State's most produced type of produce is? Most people would wager that New Jersey's the biggest producer of blueberries in the country since New Jersey's most well-known for its blueberries. The town of Hammonton in Atlantic County is known as "the blueberry capital of the world," after all.

New Jersey ranks 6th in the country in terms of blueberry production. That means there are five other states that produce more blueberries annually than we do here in the Garden State.

So, what fruit or veggie does New Jersey produce the most? You may find this hard to believe, but the answer to that question is actually cranberries. New Jersey is the third leading producer of cranberries in the USA.

Are you shocked by that answer? It's true. You can find out more about NJ's fruit and veggie production HERE.


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