If you're a dog lover, like myself, then this list of New Jersey's favorite four-legged breeds should really peak your interest!

The American Kennel Club has just released the top dog breeds of 2016, and while there are a few surprises, the top spot belongs to the most popular breed in the country (and the Garden State), according to AKC and NJ.com.

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    Rottweilers are a confident breed that require lots of training. They can be extremely stubborn and headstrong.

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    Bulldogs are known to be courageous, gentle companions with a fondness for kids.

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    French Bulldog

    French Bulldogs or "Frenchies" are active, intelligent, alert and curious. The breed is also extremely muscular. Don't let their tiny size fool you!

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    Golden Retrievers

    Ranked #3 in the nation and in New Jersey. Golden's are friendly, intelligent and athletic. They make a great family pet and are used for therapy situations.

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    German Sheppard

    Extremely loyal and protective. Known as an top-notch Guard Dog. Our Sheppard Luke, use to drive us crazy because he was always in protective mode whenever someone would come into our house.

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    Labrador Retriever

    The Lab comes out on top for New Jersey and the entire nation for the 26th consecutive year. Labs are extremely family-friendly and are know to have bubbly personalities. Our Josie, is our second yellow lab. Her outgoing and kooky personalty can drive us crazy sometimes but, we love her regardless!

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