There's nothing quite better than eating some fried cheese, am I right?

Whether you're getting ready to watch your favorite football team kick-off, or are just grabbing a beer and apps at your favorite restaurant.

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Mozzarella sticks are a staple at any good bar or restaurant.

The Crabs Claw Inn has pretty good fried Mozzarella, they call them wedges instead of sticks though because they are in fact shaped like little triangles.

But you know how when you eat a round of Mozzarella sticks you look down at your plate and say "Man... I could eat a few more of those they were delicious!" then you may be interested in Jersey's most massive mozzarella stick.

Photo by gladys arivia on Unsplash
Photo by gladys arivia on Unsplash

Massive may be an understatement, by the way, this thing is just unbelievably huge and stuffed full of ooey gooey delicious cheese.

Where Can You Get New Jersey's Most Massive Mozzarella Stick?

Jersey is known for its food, and what makes our food the best is that it's bigger and better than what you'll get anywhere else.

And when you go to Bloomfield, that fact is exemplified at the Brookdale.

A popular American gastro pub that's known for its great food and laid-back style.

It's also known for having the largest mozzarella stick in the state, maybe even the country, according to Only In Your State.

Just be prepared, when you order the mozzarella stick here, you'll only get one, not a plate or a basket.

And that's because The Brookdale serves up a one-pound mozzarella stick deep-fried to perfection and topped with some shaved cheese.

I've got the cheese sweats just looking at this thing, maybe grab a few friends before you order up and dig in.

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