Have you ever driven down a road and suddenly you get overcome with chills down your spine?  

One of the most haunted roads in the entire state according to Wikipedia, is Clinton Road on Rt. 23 in West Milford. There have been plenty of spooky occurrences and strange sightings over the years including ghosts, witches and odd creatures. Rumors are also rampant that victims of professional hit-men are buried in the desolate woods off Clinton Road.

The spookiest road in South Jersey may be Burnt Mill Road in Atco, the home of Atco ghost according to Weird NJ.com. Legend has it, that a boy was playing with his new basketball on Christmas night when he was hit by a drunken driver at the end of the road.  There have been sightings of the ghost boy crossing the street while dribbling his basketball.

Another road to stay off of if you scare easily is Essex Road in Neptune. According to legend, Essex Road is a hot spot for ghosts and Satan worshipers. The road contains body outlines of people who unfortunately met their end on this road.

Indian Curse Road on Rt. 55 in Deptford has its share of paranormal activity, including a recent sighting of a ghostly figure walking near exit 53. The image of a young woman in a white wedding dress holding flowers has been known to walk on the side of the road. That would be enough for me to make a quick U-turn to get the heck off of Indian Curse Road!

There's nothing like saving the creepiest road for last, Shades of Death Road,  which sometimes goes by the name Shades. The spooky road is two lanes and it runs through the heart of Warren County. According to legend, some people have seen the walking dead especially when there is a mist around. There's also the legend of Indians being massacred by early settlers and thrown into the lake which by the way is called Ghost Lake.

Do you have any spooky South Jersey roads to share with us for this Halloween?

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