If you bought frozen fruit from Costco, Aldi's or Trader Joe's, you need to check the label.

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Scenic Fruit Company, a supplier to the big box stores, has issued a voluntary recall of some of their products due to a Hepatitis A outbreak.

The CDC were investigating possible origins of hepatitis that infected 5 people.  It was discovered that all five, had consumed these brands of strawberries prior to becomming ill.  The strawberries came from a farm in Baja California, Mexico.  An outbreak of the same Hepatitis A strain last year, were also traced to strawberries imported from a far in Baja California, Mexico.

The lots affected are:

  • Simply Nature Organic Strawberries 24oz. (UPC: 4099100256222)
  • Vital Choice Organic Strawberries 16oz. (UPC: 834297005024)
  • Kirkland Signature Organic Strawberries 4lb. (UPC: 96619140404)
  • Made With Organic Strawberries 10oz. (UPC: 814343021390)
  • PCC Community Markets Organic Strawberries 32oz. (UPC: 22827109469)
  • Trader Joe's Organic Tropical Fruit Blend 16oz. (UPC: 00511919)

If you have any of these products in your freezer, you should not consume them.  You should return them to the place where they were purchased.

Authorities warn that if you have consumed any of these products in the last 14 days and haven't been previously inoculated for Hepatitis A, you should contact your doctor and discuss getting vaccinated for Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A is a disease that affects your liver.  If infected, it can last anywhere from a few weeks, to several months.  Unusual tiredness, low grade fever, dark urine, and yellowing of your skin and white of eyes are a few of the symptoms to look for.

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