Sergento is recalling several kinds of its shredded cheese products due to potential Listeria contamination and New Jersey is one of the 15 states impacted.

Cheesemaker Recalls Some Shredded Cheese Products

Sargento, the popular Wisconsin cheesemaker, is recalling several kinds of its packaged shredded cheese distributed in 15 states, including New Jersey.

The recall comes from a wider recall by the FDA of products supplied to Sargento by Rizo-Lopez Foods of cheese that resulted in two deaths, 26 illnesses, and 23 hospitalizations as of February 22nd.

Sargento Issues a Recall Statement

Sargento released a statement saying its recall impacted "a limited amount" of its food service and ingredients products.

"On February 5, out of an abundance of caution, Sargento voluntarily recalled the products that were supplied by Rizo-Lopez Foods Inc. and products that were packaged on the same lines," it said.

"This recall did not impact Sargento-branded products. Sargento immediately terminated its relationship with Rizo-Lopez Foods Inc. and immediately notified our customers."


Most of the Recalled Cheese Sold to Businesses

The majority of the affected cheese was sold to businesses and restaurants and not to individual shoppers.

Still, anyone who thinks they have a package of contaminated Sargento Cheese is being advised to either throw it away or return it to the store where you bought it.

The Specific Cheese Products Involved

The most heavily affected items are white cheddar cheese products with 2,633 cases being recalled, according to NBC. The cheese had best-by dates of between March and June of 2024.

What is the Contamination?

The cheese products could have been contaminated by Listeria monocytogenes.

Chances are that the affected cheese will not smell or look spoiled but could cause severe or fatal infections.

Symptoms of listeriosis include muscle aches, fever, fatigue, loss of balance, headaches, and more, according to the FDA

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