How could this be real life? After so much excitement, so much buildup, superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers handled the ball exactly four times in less than five minutes in the Jets first regular season game and bam. Just like that. His season is done.

A completely torn left Achilles tendon. Major injury. Major recuperation time. And no one loves saying it but possibly the end of more than just a season. Maybe the end of his career.

It’s a long road to recovery even for a young man. Aaron Rodgers is 39 years old. Could his entire time with the New York Jets really have been only 4 plays?

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It feels like a bad fever dream.

Then there’s the $9.5 million home in Montclair he just acquired. Will he stay here and get his care under the eye of the Jets organization? Will he go back to Wisconsin for rehab? It’s all too much of too much.

So while we’re feeling surreal anyway, let’s imagine Rodgers stays put in New Jersey. Once he’s on his way to healing he’ll have a lot of free time on his hands other than medical appointments. To stay busy, here are some Jersey jobs that you can perform even with a torn Achilles tendon.

Screengrab via Google Maps
Screengrab via Google Maps

Toll Collector

Now stop rolling your eyes. Think about it. He’d get to sit down all day and rest that ankle. Also imagine the funny traffic backups when every driver tries getting his autograph.

flag of new jersey showed heart and love gesture

Law Maker

Might this not be the ultimate New Jersey do-nothing job? You don’t have to deal with property taxes, you don’t have to tackle school funding, you don’t need to do much of anything except come up with a useless idea once in awhile about naming an official New Jersey state arachnid.

Plenty of time to rest up.

The beach in Belmar
The beach in Belmar (Gellman Images)

Beach badge checker

Can anyone deny most of them perform this job from a beach chair? Prop that leg up with a medical boot on it, turn sports talk on the radio and Aaron Rodgers will be good for an 8 hour shift.

Dollars banknotes. American Dollars Cash Money. One Hundred Dollar Banknotes.

Any triple-dipper

How did I almost forget the best New Jersey no-show job of all? The classic Jersey triple-dipper, where you’re say a mayor plus a county commissioner and, I don’t know, throw in a pension for being a retired sheriff or something.

No one will expect Rodgers to even show up!

Gary Shannon
Gary Shannon

Department of Labor unemployment benefits clerk

Oooh, here’s one. The perfect job for Aaron Rodgers while he’s laid up.

Hell, these guys don’t even answer their phones. You can certainly not answer a phone while sitting down, and at the same time he can rest his throwing arm by, well, not answering the phone.

Kylie Moore photo
Kylie Moore photo

Talk show host

Did you think I’m immune from my own sarcasm? Puh-lease! This job isn’t exactly mining ore. I think the last time I stood up was before the pandemic. Aaron Rodgers would fit right in at NJ 101.5.

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