It happens from time to time during heavy rainstorms on multilane highways. People get nervous with the lack of visibility and drive slowly with their flashers on. Some people call these four ways.

Some people call them hazard lights or hazards. You know it's that button on your dashboard that puts both of your blinkers on the front and back.

The other night while driving through a very heavy torrential downpour on route to me on Route 295 near Cherry Hill multiple drivers had their flashers on.

Many people pulled over with her flashers on due to the heavy rain. I get it. It was horrendous driving. Putting your flashers on while you are pulled over on the shoulder is a good idea. Putting them on while you are driving in heavy rain with poor visibility is a no-no.

Between the lights, the brake lights and the taillights, the flashing blinkers only added to the confusion in the poor visibility. If the conditions are too poor for you to drive by all means, pull over onto the shoulder and put your hazards or flashers on.

This way we know you’re off to the side of the road and it is easier to avoid you. While you may think it’s a good idea to put them on while you’re driving it only adds to the confusion of other drivers who are battling the same conditions you are.

We know you’re there driving. We can see the taillights on, or at least we should be able to see your taillights on. It is a law and New Jersey to have your full lights on while driving during any rain.

The message is "wipers on lights on". That should be sufficient. The flashers do not give you any added protection they just serve to confuse other drivers if there is a multitude of drivers doing the same thing like there was Sunday night.

We all want to stay safe, and we all want to avoid colliding with each other. Putting your flashers on only adds to the danger and does not reduce it. Thank you and happy motoring!

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